PropanePropane is used by industries, homes, farms, and businesses generally for heating. It is also used as fuel in transport.


Propane is usually used in rural areas. The houses use propane for heating, warm water in water heaters, cooking, etc..


Half of American farms they are based on propane to meet their energy needs. Farmers use propane dryers to heat greenhouses and farms. Business enterprises and office buildings, fast food restaurants use propane for heating and cooking.


Half of propane is used in industries. The mine workers use small propane tanks for fuel to feed their lamps. Portable propane heaters give warmth to employees who work in road construction when the weather is cold. Used in the treatment of asphalt in road construction and as fuel to drive various vehicles indoors.

Transport fuel

Propane is used as fuel for transportation for many years. Today, many taxi companies and various other vehicles to use instead of gasoline to fuel their engines. Propane has several advantages over gasoline. First, propane is burned but without having to leave residues on machines. Second, using propane engines emit fewer pollutants into the air by machines that use gasoline. Nevertheless avoid using it for the following reasons: firstly it is not easy to find at many stations only a few central cities and secondly they need enough money n 'purchased the appropriate equipment.

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