Organizational Structure



NISOGAS SA is a trading bottled and bulk LPG company where the administrative organization is governed by the rules and principles that characterize each limited company. Therefore the governing bodies of the company is the Board of Directors and CEOs. As the supreme governing the Board of jurisdiction is responsible to decide any matter relating to the administration and to achieve its goals. The last Board, that was elected by the General Assembly for three years effective 07/06/2011, constituted as follows:




Full name Board position
Psarompas M. Antonios President
Psarompas M. Theofilos Vice president
Psarompa M. Chrysanthi Member
Psarompas A. Michail Member
Psarompa Tsagkari Nomiki Member




The organization of NISOGAS SA has formed based on the needs that require the purchase of liquid gas in the Greek market. Another equally important factor was the specificity and implications for trade in island areas, especially where the company operates.

The organizational structure is divided to the following areas:


Trade management


The management of Trade deals with all kinds of trade issues and the company is divided into the following sections:
a) Sales Department. Is responsible for the customer service of Nisogkaz and the proper execution of orders and constant communication with customers.
b) Department of Marketing and Public Relations which is responsible for gas market analysis, advertising, representation of the company to all stakeholders (government, media, reports, etc.) and generally all matters relating to corporate identity Nisogkaz .
c) Sales Promotion Department with responsibility for finding new customers and the constant communication with potential customers.


Finance Management


Financial management is responsible for all financial aspects of the company with the following sections:
a) Accounting. Is responsible for the observance of the legislation provided for books and a regular pension accounting balance, accounting and customer records and monitoring the implementation of the budget.
b) The Administration manages the financial resources available funds Nisogkaz which uses the proper use and provides the necessary resources through investment.
c) Department for credit check which looks at regular intervals owed ​​by the customer.


Technical Management


Technical management deals with all technical issues because of the particularity of gas are very important part for Nisogkaz. The individual sections are:
a) Department of Construction and maintenance facilities. This section deals with the construction of gas facilities to various companies and consists of highly trained personnel. It also handles the maintenance of these facilities as well as the bottling of Nisogkaz.
b) The Safety Engineer is responsible for the safe operation of the bottling plant and Gas. Furthermore, undertakes the training of staff as the specificity of the product.


Human resources


Human Resources Department manages the company's workforce for efficiency and performance. Divided into the following sections: a) Trainning department. Deals with employee education where the workforce is informed and trained in all aspects of LPG and anything regarding his service. b) The Security department personnel along with the technical security manager control and educate people to observe all regulations and standard practices for preventing accidents.

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