For businesses

Our long experience makes us first in serving and support professionals. Cover and support a wide range of professionals.

Our clients:

  • Hotels and restaurants

Our clients are hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and places to eat in general. NISOGAS SA is supplying fuel to run a series of devices such as boilers, ovens, stoves, washing machines, refrigerators etc. LPG can be used for central heating and to provide abundant hot water for hotel rooms or even warm the pool water. Your needs for energy can be met by the installation of one or more underground tanks or above ground. If you want a more flexible solution there is the possibility to use bottles.

- Bakeries and patisseries

Our clients are large bakeries and pastry shops which we supply LPG and devices from large European companies (ovens etc).

- Washer dryers

- Construction companies

- Poultry and Greenhouses

- Food and milk companies

- Aquaculture companies

- Styrofoam industries

- Insulation garages

- Building contractors

- Shipyards

LPG can be used to heat warehouses, operating machinery, food production, to generate steam, drying color printing in heating furnaces as fuel in a truck and many other applications depending on the needs of the professional.


Are you looking for an alternative heating system and economy in cooking?


After sales service

The main concern of NISOGAS SA is the direct customer service. We are here to discuss anything that concerns you.


For businesses

NISOGAS SA covers and supports a wide range of professionals ...


For cars and boats

AUTOGAS is now a requirement of the era and offers economy and environmentalrespect.



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